Study: Connectome Workbench v1.5 Tutorial

Connectome Workbench v1.5 Tutorial


This dataset contains HCP-generated data for completing the Connectome Workbench v1.5 Tutorial. A PDF of the tutorial instructions and data Release notes are also included. Scenes 5 & 6 for viewing functional connectivity (see below) require the user to have internet access and a ConnectomeDB account. Sign up for ConnectomeDB at

Data included from the HCP-Young Adult 500 Subjects Release:
*individual subject (100307) and 440 subject (R440) group-average structural files (including surfaces at 32k and 164k mesh resolutions)
*maps of myelin, curvature, Freesurfer sulc and cortical thickness for 100307 and R440 (at 32k and 164k mesh resolutions)
*groupaverage tfMRI grayordinates analysis results for R440
*label, borders, and foci files generated from other studies to use for reference

Due to their large size (33 GB each), the two group-average dense functional connectome files for R468 are remotely accessed in ConnectomeDB (shown in Scenes 5 & 6) to generate connectivity maps ‘on the fly’, requiring the user to have internet access and login using their ConnectomeDB account credentials.
For those that would like a local copy of similar S1200 versions of the dense connectome files or the Group-PCA Eigenmaps (2 GB) that can be used to create them locally using wb_command, they are available for download from the WU-Minn HCP Data -- 1200 Subjects project page in ConnectomeDB:

  • John Harwell
  • Jennifer Elam
  • David Van Essen
  • Erin Reid
  • Timothy Coalson
  • Matthew Glasser
  • Washington University in St. Louis