Scene: Figure 11

A Multi-modal Parcellation of Human Cerebral Cortex


Figure 11

Individual subject parcellation reproducibility.  Here we show the group parcellation in comparison with three individuals' parcellations (who were each scanned twice).  Row 1 shows the group parcellation (black outlines).  Row 2 is the individual having the highest parcellation reproducibility (blue outlines are 'test' individual areal boundaries and red outlines are 'retest' areal boundaries with purple as overlap and group boundaries as an underlay of black outlines).  Row 3 is a second individual, who had the median parcellation reproducibility.  Row 4 is a third individual, who had the lowest parcellation reproducibility.  Rows 5 and 6 show the mean parcel reproducibility for each area across all 27 subjects that were scanned and analyzed twice for both the correlation and Dice measures (the full range is r=0.93, r=0.44, Dice=0.93. Dice=0.41).

Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Species:Human, Registration:MSMAll, Modality:T1-weighted, Modality:T2-weighted, Modality:Myelin Map