Reference: Macaque Cortical Parcellations and Yerkes19 MRI-based Atlas

Macaque Cortical Parcellations and Yerkes19 MRI-based Atlas


This Macaque reference dataset contains data from the Yerkes19 surface-based atlas (Donahue et al., 2016, 2018), processed through the HCP Non-human primate pipelines:
1) Group-average structural MRI data (Macaque_Yerkes19_GroupAvg_Parcels_BALSAref.scene; ID: 0L2wl) - 94MB
2) Individual structural MRI and assorted surface maps for each of 19 macaques (Macaque_Yerkes19_Individuals_BALSAref.scene; ID: lL31z) - 1.04GB
Given the large differences in file size, downloading only the first scene file and its associated data files is recommended unless the individual-subject data files are specifically needed.

Yerkes19 dataset: 19 individual rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta), 1 male, 18 female

Key references:
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