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The relationship between spatial configuration and functional connectivity of brain regions revisited


Figure 1

Figure 1: Comparison between MSMAll and MSMSulc alignment on dual regression results from an individual subject . A: Single-subject ICA result from MSMAll data acts as “ground truth”. B: Dual regression of this subject’s MSMAll data against MSMAll group maps captures subject-specific spatial organisation well. C: Single-subject ICA result from MSMSulc data shows spatial misalignment in parietal regions compared to single-subject MSMAll ICA results shown in A (from which the black outline was derived). D: Dual regression of this subject’s MSMSulc data against MSMAll group maps captures spatial organisation well, despite the observed spatial shift. These results illustrate dual regression being minimally affected by spatial misalignment. Note that the black outline in A, B, C reflects boundaries of MSMAll single subject results (shown in A), while the blue outline in D reflects boundaries of MSMSulc single subject results (shown in C).

Registration:MSMAll, Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Parcellation:HCP_MMP1.0, Registration:MSMSulc