Scene: Figure 7

A Multi-modal Parcellation of Human Cerebral Cortex


Figure 7

Atypical shifts of area 55b.  Here we show examples of one type of topological incompatibility between the typical layout of areal features near area 55b and a minority of subjects with an alternative 'shifted' layout.  The first row shows the group average areal features: a, a d=40 RSN map corresponding to parts of the language network, b, a myelin map, c, a LANGUAGE Story-Baseline task contrast beta map, d, a d=40 RSN map corresponding to the upper limb somatosensory-motor topographic subregion, and, e, a mean curvature map illustrating the folding pattern.  The group delineation of area 55b is a white or black line.  f-j show these maps in a typical individual subject.  k-o show an atypical subject whose 55b areal features are shifted relative to the typical pattern.  p-t show a second atypical subject with a very similar pattern.  In both cases, the posterior portion of area 55b is located near the white sphere instead of lying within the group delineated area 55b.

Modality:Myelin Map, Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Registration:MSMAll, Species:Human, Modality:T1-weighted, Modality:T2-weighted