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Evaluating functional brain organization in individuals and identifying contributions to network overlap



Figure 4: Comparison of two modes across different PROFUMO runs. A) M-FPN 1 (default 1). B) M-FPN 2 (default 2). Results display the matched mode from: classic group PROFUMO, classic group PROFUMO using only 12 scans PROFUMO runs, single-subject PROFUMO for two separate example participants, and subject-specific estimates derived from classic group PROFUMO (same two example participants). The example participants were selected to offer a comprehensive overview of the data (including, for example, subjects more similar to and more different to the group). Results for all participants can be viewed on Balsa. Results reveal individual differences between single-subject PROFUMO results that accurately match the estimates derived from classic group PROFUMO, confirming that PROFUMO can be used to estimate network organization using only data from a single subject. For example, the cyan arrows in (A) point to a ‘hole’ in the M-FPN 1 network  that is consistently observed in subject 195041 and not in subject 125525, and the magenta arrows in (B) point to reproducible but subject-specific frontal patterns in the M-FPN 2 network.