File: Macaque.MedialWall.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii

Using Diffusion Tractography to Predict Cortical Connection Strength and Distance: A quantitative comparison with Tracers in the Monkey

CIFTI : Dense Label

data / Macaque.MedialWall.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii

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  • TABLE NAME: MEDIAL.WALL (July10 Both hems)
    LABELS: ???, MEDIAL.WALL, AIP_LV00, 3a_LV00, 8Ac_LV00, G_LV00, TAa_LV00, S2_LV00, 2_LV00, 1_LV00, 3b_LV00, Ig_Id_LV00, ER_LV00, 36_LV00, 4_LV00, 6DR_LV00, 6Ds_LV00, 31_LV00, 23_LV00, 7t_LV00, PA_LV00, Tpt_LV00, Ts_LV00, Pi_LV00, 6Vb_LV00, PrCO_LV00, 6Vam_LV00, Ri_LV00, 7op_LV00, 6DC_LV00, 4C_LV00, 24ab_LV00, 24d_LV00, 6M_LV00, 46v_LV00, 45_LV00, 8Am_LV00, 8As_LV00, IPa_LV00, A1_LV00, 7b_LV00, LIPv_LV00, VIPm_LV00, LIPd_LV00, MT_LV00, MIP_LV00, MDP_LV00, TEa_m_LV00, V4tp_LV00, V3_LV00, MSTdp_LV00, MSTm_LV00, TPOr_LV00, TE1_3_LV00, V4ta_LV00, V3A_LV00, LOP_LV00, PIP_LV00, VIPl_LV00, PO_LV00, MSTda_LV00, TPOi_LV00, TPOc_LV00, FST_LV00, TF_LV00, TE1_3d_LV00, TE1_3v_LV00, V4_LV00, DP_LV00, 7a_LV00, 46p_LV00, 13m_LV00, 13l_LV00, 35_LV00, 5V_LV00, 6Val, 32_LV00, 10m_LV00, 13a_b_LV00, 12_LV00, 5D_LV00, 11m_LV00, 11l_LV00, 14r_LV00, VP_LV00, V2v_LV00, V2d_LV00, 9_LV00, V1_LV00, UNK, 1_FV91, 3b_FV91, 2_FV91, 4_FV91, 3a_FV91, 5_FV91, 6_FV91, 7a_FV91, DP_FV91, SMA_FV91, 23_FV91, 9_FV91, MDP_FV91, LIP_FV91, V2_FV91, 7b_FV91, MIP_FV91, V4_FV91, VIP_FV91, AUD_FV91, 24_FV91, V3_FV91, FEF_FV91, PO_FV91, MSTd_FV91, V4t_FV91, MT_FV91, 10_FV91, 30_FV91, Ri_FV91, V3A_FV91, PIP_FV91, 46_FV91, STPp_FV91, 29_FV91, SII_FV91, PITd_FV91, 45_FV91, 12_FV91, MSTl_FV91, AI_FV91, 32_FV91, CM_FV91, VOT_FV91, 25_FV91, PA_FV91, PrS_FV91, L_FV91, 11_FV91, 14_FV91, PITv_FV91, RL_FV91, V1_FV91, 13_FV91, CA3_FV91, S_FV91, FST_FV91, PS_FV91, Ig_FV91, G_FV91, CA1_FV91, Id_FV91, Pro_FV91, TH_FV91, TF_FV91, CITv_FV91, CITd_FV91, Pall_FV91, STPa_FV91, 36_FV91, PaS_FV91, PIR_FV91, 35_FV91, AITd_FV91, PAC_FV91, ER_FV91, AITv_FV91, A1_FV91, PSd_FV91, Aud_FV91, VOT_LV00, VP, VIP_PGR91, LIP_PGR91, 7am_PGR91, 7al_PGR91, 7b_PGR91, OAa_SP78, PGa_SP78, TPO_SP78, TAa_SP78, IPa_SP78, TEa_SP78, TEm_SP78, TE3_SP78, TE2_SP78, TE1_SP78, IPd_SP80_86, POae_SP80_86, POai_SP80_86, V3d_UD86, V3A_UD86, PO_UD86, VIP_UD86, V2_UD86, V3v_UD86, V4_UD86, V4t_UD86, MT_UD86, MST_UD86, FST_UD86, TEO_UD86, TEc_UD86, TEr_UD86, TEm_UD86, TF_UD86, V1_UD86, TAa_BRL87, TPO_BRL87, PGa_BRL87, IPa_BRL87, TE3_BRL87, TE2_BRL87, TE1_BRL87, TEm_BRL87, TEa_BRL87, V2d_LK02, V3d_LK02, MT_LK02, MTc_LK02, V3a_LK02, PIP_LK02, V4d_LK02, V2v_LK02, V3v_LK02, V4v_LK02, V1_LK02, 8_B05, 6_B05, 4_B05, 9_B05, 3_B05, 1_B05, 5_B05, 7_B05, 2_B05, 23_B05, 19_B05, 22_B05, 21_B05, 20_B05, 24_B05, 10_B05, 25_B05, 11_B05, 17_B05, 18_B05, 27_B05, 28_B05, 26_B05, V6A_GFG00, V6_GFG00, V3_GFG00, 13_B05, 14_B05, 15_B05, 16_B05, 12_B05, 10D_PHT00, 10M_PHT00, 14M_PHT00, 47(12)_PHT00, 46V_PHT00, 46D_PHT00, 10V_PHT00, 9L_PHT00, 9M_PHT00, 9/32_PHT00, 32_PHT00, 11_PHT00, 11M_PHT00, 11L_PHT00, 47(12)O_PHT00, 47(12)L_PHT00, 9/46V_PHT00, 9/46D_PHT00, 10_PHT00, 13L_PHT00, 13a_PHT00, 24a_PHT00, 24b_PHT00, 24c_PHT00, 25_PHT00, 45A_PHT00, 8B_PHT00, 13_PHT00, 13M_PHT00, 14O_PHT00, V1_PHT00, V2_PHT00, V3V_PHT00, TPO_PHT00, TAa_PHT00, ST1_PHT00, IPa_PHT00, TEa_PHT00, FST_PHT00, MT(V5)_PHT00, TEO_PHT00, TLO(36O)_PHT00, ST2G_PHT00, ST3_PHT00, PaAL_PHT00, TPt_PHT00, PO_PHT00, PEC_PHT00, PEa_PHT00, V4T_PHT00, TEOM_PHT00, TEM_PHT00, TE3_PHT00, TE2_PHT00, TE1_PHT00, TPPro_PHT00, TLR(36R)_PHT00, TF_PHT00, TL(36)_PHT00, 35_PHT00, VCoIn_PHT00, ST2S_PHT00, PaAR_PHT00, ProKL_PHT00, ProK_PHT00, ProKM_PHT00, PaIM_PHT00, PaAC_PHT00, IPro_PHT00, AI_PHT00, DI_PHT00, GI_PHT00, ReIT_PHT00, ReIP_PHT00, S2I_PHT00, ReI_PHT00, PGOp_PHT00, TPOC_PHT00, MST_PHT00, 44_PHT00, 6VR(F5)_PHT00, S2E_PHT00, PFCx_PHT00, 2_PHT00, PE_PHT00, 1_PHT00, 3b_PHT00, 3a_PHT00, 4(F1)_PHT00, 6VC(F4)_PHT00, 6DC(F2)_PHT00, 8A_PHT00, 45B_PHT00, 8AV_PHT00, 6DR(F7)_PHT00, 6M_PHT00, 6/32_PHT00, PECg_PHT00, 31_PHT00, 23c_PHT00, 24d_PHT00, 8/32_PHT00, OPAI_PHT00, DIP_PHT00, POaI_PHT00, POaE_PHT00, 2Ve_PHT00, POa_PHT00, PG_PHT00, PPt_PHT00, V4A_PHT00, DPt_PHT00, V3A_PHT00, V3D_PHT00, V4_PHT00, V4V_PHT00, THO_PHT00, TH_PHT00, EC_PHT00, ECL_PHT00, S2_PHT00, PFOp_PHT00, PGa_PHT00, AKL_PHT00, AKM_PHT00, TFO_PHT00, TFM_PHT00, TFL_PHT00, PFG_PHT00, EI_PHT00, ELC_PHT00, ELR_PHT00, ER_PHT00, EOI_PHT00, APir_PHT00, VCo_PHT00, AHiMC_PHT00, CA1_PHT00, PaS_PHT00, PrS_PHT00, S_PHT00, ProS_PHT00, CA2_PHT00, CA3_PHT00, CA4_PHT00, V4D_PHT00, ProSt_PHT00, JxSt_PHT00, X?3_PHT00, X?2_PHT00, X?_PHT00, PGM_PHT00, 23_PHT00, 23b_PHT00, 23a_PHT00, 30_PHT00, 29d_PHT00, 29a-c_PHT00, 29a_PHT00, 6DR_PHT00, 24/23c_PHT00, 24/23b_PHT00, 24/23a_PHT00, 8AD_PHT00, 9/46_PHT00, VDB_PHT00, 2/1_PHT00, ProM_PHT00, Gu_PHT00, OPro_PHT00, Pir_PHT00, TPPAI_PHT00, VACo_PHT00, BAOT_PHT00, VCoSu_PHT00, TT_PHT00, 11_MMF11, 14_MMF11, 2_MMF11, 24a_MMF11, 24b_MMF11, 24d_MMF11, 29-30_MMF11, 2Ve_MMF11, 3_MMF11, 46d_MMF11, 46v_MMF11, 7B_MMF11, 9_MMF11, 9-46d_MMF11, AuditoryCore_MMF11, F6_MMF11, F7_MMF11, LB_MMF11, LIP_MMF11, OPAI_MMF11, PBr_MMF11, PGa_MMF11, PO_MMF11, VIP_MMF11, IPa_MMF11, FST_MMF11, MST_MMF11, 7A_MMF11, DP_MMF11, 31_MMF11, 8_MMF11, 24c_MMF11, 45A_MMF11, 12_MMF11, 32_MMF11, 10_MMF11, OPRO_MMF11, 13_MMF11, ProM_MMF11, 2-1_MMF11, 1_MMF11, S2_MMF11, MB_MMF11, PBc_MMF11, V3A_MMF11, V4t_MMF11, PIP_MMF11, F4_MMF11, 44_MMF11, F5_MMF11, TE_MMF11, TH-TF_MMF11, Prostriate_MMF11, MIP_MMF11, PECg_MMF11, 23_MMF11, 25_MMF11, TemporalPole_MMF11, Piriform_MMF11, 9-46v_MMF11, F2_MMF11, F3_MMF11, F1_MMF11, AIP_MMF11, 5_MMF11, TEO_MMF11, V1_MMF11, V3_MMF11, MT_MMF11, V2_MMF11, V4_MMF11, Entorhinal_MMF11, Unassigned_MMF11, TPt_MMF11, STP_MMF11, PGm_MMF11, Gustatory_MMF11, Insula_MMF11, Perirhinal_MMF11, HC_Amygdala_MMF11, OB_BB47, OA_BB47, PE_BB47, TA_BB47, TE_BB47, TF_BB47, TH_BB47, LE_BB47, LC_BB47, PC_BB47, PF_BB47, PG_BB47, TC_BB47, TB_BB47, TG_BB47, IB_BB47, IA_BB47, PB_BB47, PA_BB47, FA_BB47, LA_BB47, FB_BB47, FC_BB47, FL_BB47, FF_BB47, OC_BB47, V6_GFG99, 10_PGR91, 11_PGR91, 12orb_PGR91, 12vl_PGR91, 13L_PGR91, 13M_PGR91, 14A_PGR91, 14M_PGR91, 14V_PGR91, 14VL_PGR91, 24_PGR91, 45_PGR91, 46d_PGR91, 46dr_PGR91, 46v_PGR91, 46vr_PGR91, 6D_PGR91, 6Ds_PGR91, 6M_PGR91, 6V_PGR91, 6Va_PGR91, 6Vb_PGR91, 8Ac_PGR91, 8Ar_PGR91, 8Bd_PGR91, 8Bm_PGR91, 9d_PGR91, 9m_PGR91, FPC_PGR91, IG_PGR91, IL_PGR91, MFc_PGR91, MFr_PGR91, OFO_PGR91, PL_PGR91, Para_PGR91, PrCO_PGR91, 46r_PGR91, 11l_FOA00, 11m_FOA00, 12m_FOA00, 13l_FOA00, 12o_FOA00, Ial_FOA00, Iai_FOA00, 13m_FOA00, Iapm_FOA00, Iam_FOA00, 13a_FOA00, 13b_FOA00, 14c_FOA00, 25_FOA00, 14r_FOA00, 32_FOA00, 12r_FOA00, 12l_FOA00, 10m_FOA00, 10o_FOA00, CA1'_PHT00, SOMATOSENSORY, MOTOR, VISION, AUDITORY, OLFACTORY, COGNITIVE, GUSTATORY, VISION.V1, EMOTION, V2_LV00, MT_KMA09, V4t_KMA09, PITd_KMA09, FST_KMA09, MSTv_KMA09, MTp_KMA09, 24b_FOA00, AHiPC_PHT00, 24c_FOA00, 24a_FOA00, ER_MMF11, 1_M132, 10_M132, 11_M132, 12_M132, 13_M132, 14_M132, 23_M132, 24a_M132, 24b_M132, 24c_M132, 24d_M132, 25_M132, 29/30_M132, 2_M132, 31_M132, 32_M132, 3_M132, 44_M132, 45A_M132, 45B_M132, 46d_M132, 46v_M132, 5_M132, 7A_M132, 7B_M132, 7m_M132, 7op_M132, 8B_M132, 8l_M132, 8m_M132, 8r_M132, 9/46d_M132, 9/46v_M132, 9_M132, AIP_M132, Core_M132, DP_M132, Ento_M132, F1_M132, F2_M132, F3_M132, F4_M132, F5_M132, F6_M132, F7_M132, FST_M132, Gu_M132, Ins_M132, IPa_M132, LB_M132, LIP_M132, MB_M132, MIP_M132, MST_M132, MT_M132, OPAI_M132, Opro_M132, PBc_M132, PBr_M132, Peri_M132, PGa_M132, PIP_M132, Pir_M132, PO_M132, VIP_M132, TEMPORAL, STPr_M132, STPi_M132, STPc_M132, TPt_M132, S2_M132, ProM_M132, Sub_M132, TH/TF_M132, TE_M132, TEO_M132, V2_M132, V3_M132, V1_M132, V3A_M132, V4_M132, V4t_M132, Pro., V6_M132, V6A_M132, TEOm_M132, TEa/m, TEpd_M132, TEpv_M132, TEad_M132, TEav_M132, InvalidIndex_93, InvalidIndex_94, InvalidIndex_95

Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Species:Macaque