File: HCP_MMP1.0_Glasser.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii
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The relationship between spatial configuration and functional connectivity of brain regions

CIFTI : Dense Label

Balsa / Fig_S2 / HCP_MMP1.0_Glasser.32k_fs_LR.dlabel.nii

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    LABELS: ???, R_V1_ROI, R_MST_ROI, R_V6_ROI, R_V2_ROI, R_V3_ROI, R_V4_ROI, R_V8_ROI, R_4_ROI, R_3b_ROI, R_FEF_ROI, R_PEF_ROI, R_55b_ROI, R_V3A_ROI, R_RSC_ROI, R_POS2_ROI, R_V7_ROI, R_IPS1_ROI, R_FFC_ROI, R_V3B_ROI, R_LO1_ROI, R_LO2_ROI, R_PIT_ROI, R_MT_ROI, R_A1_ROI, R_PSL_ROI, R_SFL_ROI, R_PCV_ROI, R_STV_ROI, R_7Pm_ROI, R_7m_ROI, R_POS1_ROI, R_23d_ROI, R_v23ab_ROI, R_d23ab_ROI, R_31pv_ROI, R_5m_ROI, R_5mv_ROI, R_23c_ROI, R_5L_ROI, R_24dd_ROI, R_24dv_ROI, R_7AL_ROI, R_SCEF_ROI, R_6ma_ROI, R_7Am_ROI, R_7PL_ROI, R_7PC_ROI, R_LIPv_ROI, R_VIP_ROI, R_MIP_ROI, R_1_ROI, R_2_ROI, R_3a_ROI, R_6d_ROI, R_6mp_ROI, R_6v_ROI, R_p24pr_ROI, R_33pr_ROI, R_a24pr_ROI, R_p32pr_ROI, R_a24_ROI, R_d32_ROI, R_8BM_ROI, R_p32_ROI, R_10r_ROI, R_47m_ROI, R_8Av_ROI, R_8Ad_ROI, R_9m_ROI, R_8BL_ROI, R_9p_ROI, R_10d_ROI, R_8C_ROI, R_44_ROI, R_45_ROI, R_47l_ROI, R_a47r_ROI, R_6r_ROI, R_IFJa_ROI, R_IFJp_ROI, R_IFSp_ROI, R_IFSa_ROI, R_p9-46v_ROI, R_46_ROI, R_a9-46v_ROI, R_9-46d_ROI, R_9a_ROI, R_10v_ROI, R_a10p_ROI, R_10pp_ROI, R_11l_ROI, R_13l_ROI, R_OFC_ROI, R_47s_ROI, R_LIPd_ROI, R_6a_ROI, R_i6-8_ROI, R_s6-8_ROI, R_43_ROI, R_OP4_ROI, R_OP1_ROI, R_OP2-3_ROI, R_52_ROI, R_RI_ROI, R_PFcm_ROI, R_PoI2_ROI, R_TA2_ROI, R_FOP4_ROI, R_MI_ROI, R_Pir_ROI, R_AVI_ROI, R_AAIC_ROI, R_FOP1_ROI, R_FOP3_ROI, R_FOP2_ROI, R_PFt_ROI, R_AIP_ROI, R_EC_ROI, R_PreS_ROI, R_H_ROI, R_ProS_ROI, R_PeEc_ROI, R_STGa_ROI, R_PBelt_ROI, R_A5_ROI, R_PHA1_ROI, R_PHA3_ROI, R_STSda_ROI, R_STSdp_ROI, R_STSvp_ROI, R_TGd_ROI, R_TE1a_ROI, R_TE1p_ROI, R_TE2a_ROI, R_TF_ROI, R_TE2p_ROI, R_PHT_ROI, R_PH_ROI, R_TPOJ1_ROI, R_TPOJ2_ROI, R_TPOJ3_ROI, R_DVT_ROI, R_PGp_ROI, R_IP2_ROI, R_IP1_ROI, R_IP0_ROI, R_PFop_ROI, R_PF_ROI, R_PFm_ROI, R_PGi_ROI, R_PGs_ROI, R_V6A_ROI, R_VMV1_ROI, R_VMV3_ROI, R_PHA2_ROI, R_V4t_ROI, R_FST_ROI, R_V3CD_ROI, R_LO3_ROI, R_VMV2_ROI, R_31pd_ROI, R_31a_ROI, R_VVC_ROI, R_25_ROI, R_s32_ROI, R_pOFC_ROI, R_PoI1_ROI, R_Ig_ROI, R_FOP5_ROI, R_p10p_ROI, R_p47r_ROI, R_TGv_ROI, R_MBelt_ROI, R_LBelt_ROI, R_A4_ROI, R_STSva_ROI, R_TE1m_ROI, R_PI_ROI, R_a32pr_ROI, R_p24_ROI, L_V1_ROI, L_MST_ROI, L_V6_ROI, L_V2_ROI, L_V3_ROI, L_V4_ROI, L_V8_ROI, L_4_ROI, L_3b_ROI, L_FEF_ROI, L_PEF_ROI, L_55b_ROI, L_V3A_ROI, L_RSC_ROI, L_POS2_ROI, L_V7_ROI, L_IPS1_ROI, L_FFC_ROI, L_V3B_ROI, L_LO1_ROI, L_LO2_ROI, L_PIT_ROI, L_MT_ROI, L_A1_ROI, L_PSL_ROI, L_SFL_ROI, L_PCV_ROI, L_STV_ROI, L_7Pm_ROI, L_7m_ROI, L_POS1_ROI, L_23d_ROI, L_v23ab_ROI, L_d23ab_ROI, L_31pv_ROI, L_5m_ROI, L_5mv_ROI, L_23c_ROI, L_5L_ROI, L_24dd_ROI, L_24dv_ROI, L_7AL_ROI, L_SCEF_ROI, L_6ma_ROI, L_7Am_ROI, L_7PL_ROI, L_7PC_ROI, L_LIPv_ROI, L_VIP_ROI, L_MIP_ROI, L_1_ROI, L_2_ROI, L_3a_ROI, L_6d_ROI, L_6mp_ROI, L_6v_ROI, L_p24pr_ROI, L_33pr_ROI, L_a24pr_ROI, L_p32pr_ROI, L_a24_ROI, L_d32_ROI, L_8BM_ROI, L_p32_ROI, L_10r_ROI, L_47m_ROI, L_8Av_ROI, L_8Ad_ROI, L_9m_ROI, L_8BL_ROI, L_9p_ROI, L_10d_ROI, L_8C_ROI, L_44_ROI, L_45_ROI, L_47l_ROI, L_a47r_ROI, L_6r_ROI, L_IFJa_ROI, L_IFJp_ROI, L_IFSp_ROI, L_IFSa_ROI, L_p9-46v_ROI, L_46_ROI, L_a9-46v_ROI, L_9-46d_ROI, L_9a_ROI, L_10v_ROI, L_a10p_ROI, L_10pp_ROI, L_11l_ROI, L_13l_ROI, L_OFC_ROI, L_47s_ROI, L_LIPd_ROI, L_6a_ROI, L_i6-8_ROI, L_s6-8_ROI, L_43_ROI, L_OP4_ROI, L_OP1_ROI, L_OP2-3_ROI, L_52_ROI, L_RI_ROI, L_PFcm_ROI, L_PoI2_ROI, L_TA2_ROI, L_FOP4_ROI, L_MI_ROI, L_Pir_ROI, L_AVI_ROI, L_AAIC_ROI, L_FOP1_ROI, L_FOP3_ROI, L_FOP2_ROI, L_PFt_ROI, L_AIP_ROI, L_EC_ROI, L_PreS_ROI, L_H_ROI, L_ProS_ROI, L_PeEc_ROI, L_STGa_ROI, L_PBelt_ROI, L_A5_ROI, L_PHA1_ROI, L_PHA3_ROI, L_STSda_ROI, L_STSdp_ROI, L_STSvp_ROI, L_TGd_ROI, L_TE1a_ROI, L_TE1p_ROI, L_TE2a_ROI, L_TF_ROI, L_TE2p_ROI, L_PHT_ROI, L_PH_ROI, L_TPOJ1_ROI, L_TPOJ2_ROI, L_TPOJ3_ROI, L_DVT_ROI, L_PGp_ROI, L_IP2_ROI, L_IP1_ROI, L_IP0_ROI, L_PFop_ROI, L_PF_ROI, L_PFm_ROI, L_PGi_ROI, L_PGs_ROI, L_V6A_ROI, L_VMV1_ROI, L_VMV3_ROI, L_PHA2_ROI, L_V4t_ROI, L_FST_ROI, L_V3CD_ROI, L_LO3_ROI, L_VMV2_ROI, L_31pd_ROI, L_31a_ROI, L_VVC_ROI, L_25_ROI, L_s32_ROI, L_pOFC_ROI, L_PoI1_ROI, L_Ig_ROI, L_FOP5_ROI, L_p10p_ROI, L_p47r_ROI, L_TGv_ROI, L_MBelt_ROI, L_LBelt_ROI, L_A4_ROI, L_STSva_ROI, L_TE1m_ROI, L_PI_ROI, L_a32pr_ROI, L_p24_ROI

Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Parcellation:HCP_MMP1.0