Scene: Figure_1

Adjacent domain-general and sensory-biased regions



(a) The extended MD system. Black contours correspond to the HCP MMP1.0 areal borders. Core MD regions are colored in dark green and white labels. Penumbra MD regions are in light green with black labels. Note here we separated core region SCEF/8BM (as identified in Assem et al 2020) into SCEF as penumbra and 8BM as core for simplicity in analysis. (b) and (c) are adapted from Tobyne et al. (2017). (b) Sensory-biased regions [originally identified in (Michalka et al. 2015)] after their transformation to the HCP fs_LR surface. Orange: visually biased. Blue: auditory biased. Overlapping HCP MMP1.0 regions are labelled. Green contours correspond to extended MD borders in (a). (c) Sensory-biased lateral frontal regions based on their intrinsic rfMRI connectivity with posterior cortical areas. White contours surrounding regions with warmer colours (yellow/red) are significantly more connected with visual parietal areas than auditory temporal regions. White contours surrounding regions with colder colours (cyan/blue) are significantly more connected with auditory temporal regions than visual parietal regions.

Surface Mesh:32k fs LR, Species:Human, Parcellation:HCP_MMP1.0, Modality:Task fMRI, Registration:MSMAll